Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Five- Losing Steam

Today I worked on cleaning the upstairs.  Since my spring projects where taking up so much of my time I have been neglecting things I should normally be cleaning.  I was able to clear out the computer cabinet clutter, but I must admit it was hard.  I started with taking everything out except for the computer.  I then just put everything back in that I absolutely needed:

I have my binder for my volunteer work with the school, a English/Spanish dictionary ( no reason really), an entertainment coupon book, the computer,  all in one printer, paper, extra ink, a book I need to sell from school, speakers, and USB cords.  The paper sticking to the side is my daughter's school schedule.  

I really just wanted to take all the stuff I removed and put it in a reusable bag and forget about it for tonight, only it wouldn't fit in one bag.  So now I have this:

I need to get rid of the old printer, the old all in one printer, and empty ink cartridges.  Recycle the plastic bag and one box.  The other plastic bag is trash and the cookie box is things I still need to shred.  My husband went to bed so I decided I should stop shredding for now, even though this box has been waiting over a year to be shredded.  I also came out of it with a reusable bag full of papers I need to file that I placed in the extra bedroom.  I hope to be able to do some more next week, and then I will have to start working on sorting the rummage.

Today I also went around and dusted the ceiling fans, tops of windows and the kitchen walls.  I told my husband next time I want to just hire a maid for a day to do my dusting because it sucks.  I should have done the dusting before I cleaned other surfaces, but I was just trying to improve the look of the house.  We leave tomorrow for my parent's house so I will hopefully get some relaxation out of this vacation.  At least I will come home to a clean house.

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