Monday, July 18, 2011

Making Ends Meet.....So Far

Picture taken by my boy.
I think I did really well this last week, but that was also thanks to my sister.  As I mentioned I was going out of town, and my first stop was my older sister's house.  We went to Old Navy and I was in line to buy a shirt, but she was unsure if she would make enough to use her coupon of $10 off of $50.  I tried to pay her but she said she didn't mind paying for for it since she had her coupon.  So I got my son a cute shirt for $2 and didn't pay.  Then she treated me to an awesome dinner at a Japanese steakhouse.  You know the one where they put on a show.  I have always wanted to go to one, but you have to get there early to beat the crowd.  As mentioned I was in a rural part of the Midwest for the family reunion on Saturday and part of Sunday, so no money to spend there.  I didn't even have cell phone reception!  Once on our way home Sunday I spent $12 and some change, I'll round to $13 since I can't remember.  Today I spent $1.75 on vending machine at work since I wasn't really prepared, plus $4.23 on Lil Ceasars Pizza.  I went to Walmart and spent $2.98 on 5lb of sugar, and I bought $2.94 for about 4lb of chicken hindquarters, and I also had to buy anti itch solution ($4.69, cause I forget to buy at Walmart) after the weekend of giant mosquitoes.

So my total for the week is $29.59.  $40.41 left to spend.  I have $21.44 from two weeks ago and $17.86 from last week.  I plan on spending some money this week on some household item and more groceries so I'm sure to go over this week.  I'm glad gas is going down because I have a lot of running around to do this week, plus my daughter's birthday is coming up soon.  I'm winging the meal plan this week too!  I hope for things to be back to normal next week because we are back out of town after this coming weekend.  I'm in overload!

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