Thursday, July 14, 2011

What do you need another peeler for?

So today was a fail.  I don't even know why.  I thought this monkey peeler
was cute.  So when I found one, I thought I should buy it.  No real reason.  It was a good deal.  $3.38 with tax.  It sells for $7.99-$14.20 on

I also spent $7 on food at the farmer's market, there really wasn't a decent meal for $5, so I spent it on 2 steak tacosre-fried beans, and rice.  I also found a cute scrapbook store and bought a 12x12 t ball sheet for my son's scrapbook.  It was $.80 with tax.

So today's total (which I wanted to be $5) was $11.18.  I have 17.86, geez what a small amount considering last week I had $20 left over.  I also have little in the freezer to cook up so I will more than likely spend more money at the grocery store this week.  I also plan on baking a cake with my daughter on Saturday, and will need supplies for that.  It could be interesting.

I hope to post on Sunday night, but it could go to Monday depending what time I get home.  Have a good weekend!

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