Monday, July 11, 2011

Use Your Resources

My cute Fossil wallet, with money in it!

So today, there was a lot of money spent.  But that's OK.  I gave my sister $10 for the kids since she is taking them to my parents house for the week, and I will meet up with them on Friday.  I also spent $2.00 on the vending machine at work today (this habit needs to die).  I went to Aldi's and bought what I needed for weekly grocery and then some (cuz we all know I can't stick to a list), and to the Bread Outlet.  Here is a breakdown:
1lb of jalapeno peppers: $1.29
3 cans of jumbo biscuits in a can: $1.29 each ($3.90)
8oz cream cheese: $1.29
2 8oz cheese chunks: $1.99 ($3.98)
french dressing: $1.29
3 snack size trail mix:$.49 each ($1.47)
English muffins: $.99
skim milk: $2.79
Bread Outlet
1 loaf of bread, hamburger buns, and hotdog buns: $.99 each ($2.97)
sourdough bread loaf: $1.59

I didn't spend any money yesterday so my total spending for the week is: $33.56.  $33.28 left to spend.  This could be hard this week because I have an itch to buy something at my job.  I have so many things I could buy and many reasons, but none of them are a need.  They are a want.  I might have to make a deal with myself where I can buy something if I make it for 4 weeks with not going over $70  a week, just so this itch will subside.  I really need to not spend anymore this week since I will be traveling.  I don't take gas out of this funding, so you won't see that added in to my totals, but I'm sure I will eat out at least once on the road.

ReStore knobs and handle.

On another note I thought I should mention that if you need some home supplies to see if there is a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area.  Their inventory is always changing due to what people donate, but it also a good place just to look.  Our store has great prices on 5x7 rugs, cabinets, and doors. Use this Link to find one in your hood: Habitat ReStore.

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