Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Timely Returns

So today I finally returned this tube of sealant I bought from the hardware store almost a month ago.  It took maybe five minutes, but I just never made the time.  I was able to get back $6.33.  I think the more time that passes, the more you will just hold on to the item, or the store is less likely to take the item back.  It is best to put the item in your car with the receipt if possible.  I just happened to be driving by the store and remember I had this return, otherwise who knows how long it would have been.  It wasn't a large amount, but every bit counts.

Today I did spend money at the  vending machine(ugh, it is so temping now that I have the cash in my wallet).  It was $.60 for a candy bar, and then I also visited Costco tonight and picked up some photos I had ordered.  I found that Costco was the cheapest for 5x7 photos, at $.39 each.  My total was $2.89, and I also bought a pop for $.75.  So my total spent today was $4.24.  I also priced some items since they have some coupons coming out soon.

$14.49, coupon for $3.50 off
$9.99 for 35 bottles, coupon for $2 off
heavy duty 21 count $12.55
multi-purpose 18 count $11.79
coupon for $2.75 off
Family 10 boxes of 260 count
$16.85, coupon for $3.50 off
Honey Nut
$6.79, coupon for $4 off of two boxes
37.5oz Multigrain 
$7.69, coupon for $4 off of two boxes
36 pack
$18.89, coupon for $3.50 off
$11.99, coupon for $3 off
6 24oz bottles
$8.79, coupon for $2.50 off
4 packages of 78
$11.99, coupon for $2.50 off
6 pack
$12.99, coupon for $3 off
$13.88, coupon for $3 off
Super 96 count
$13.88, coupon for $3 off
Duo pack 108 count
$12.99, coupon for $3 off
Long super 90 count
$11.99, coupon for $2.50 off
$11.99, coupon for $2.50 off

I always go online and look ahead to see what the coupons are at  Next I will budget how much money to bring to Costco so I can bring cash, and not be surprised at the register.

$29.04 left to spend this week.  I will be going to the farmer's market Thursday night and hope to keep it $5 or under.  I also am leaving for out of town on Friday so I hope to just spend $10 on eating out that day which will leave me with $14.04 left to spend on Saturday, when I will be in a very rural area, with no where to spend my money except maybe a gas station. Well, we'll see. :0)

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