Saturday, October 8, 2011


Earl May had a pumpkin festival today, which is always a good time.  They also had pumpkins for 3/$9 & 3/$7.  Then you could use the pant and paintbrushes they had on had to decorate.  It was fun to see the associates dressed up in costumes, as seen above.  They also had a guy in a banana suit watering the plants which was hilarious.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of that but I didn't want to seem creepy.  My plans for costumes this year is to buy since fabric is getting so expensive.  My daughter and I are going as Cleopatra and my son is going to be Green Lantern.  Never again will I buy him a costume early.  He keeps seeing more things he wants to be.  I can't wait to buy some on clearance after Halloween, because he does really love to dress up, but I can't afford to buy every costume.  So far today I spent $12 on a wig and $6 on pumpkins.  I still need to buy grocery for next week but I'm going to keep it more simple.

Sunday we also plan on going to the apple orchard, which will be a great time, since we have yet to go to one.  We always go to pumpkin patches but never an apple orchard.  Fall is a great time to just get out and enjoy the beauty of the changing of the leaves.  Have a great weekend!

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