Sunday, October 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Another week, and another meal plan.  Last week went well except I forgot to take the pork out of the freezer so we are having pork tacos today.  I ended up making baked chicken with some Penzey spices, au gratin potatoes, and corn.  I was pleased with the rolls and sloppy joes last week, but I really need a new baking sheet. I ended up putting them in muffin tins so they turned out tall instead of wide.  I would like to explore new recipes for rolls since last week's recipe was really sticky.  This week I hope to use more meat out of the freezer to keep cost down since I need to get some supplies at Costco.

Breakfast- pancakes
Lunch- sandwich of choice
Dinner- Pork taco
Monday- Salsa Chorizo pizza
Tuesday- Light Tuna Casserole
Wednesday- chicken nuggets and french fries
ThursdayHawaiian Chicken (thanks for for the idea and link)
Friday- Mummy Hotdogs
Breakfast- eggs and toast
Lunch- hummus and whole wheat Tostitos
Dinner- baked costa rican style tilapia
Breakfast- french toast
Lunch- Ham and cheese casserole
Dinner- sesame peanut noodles

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