Monday, October 10, 2011

I Have No Excuse

So I did.  I went and spent a lot of money today.  For no good reason really, just because I wanted to.  I even ate out.  Here it is:
Walmart: 2 faucet aerators for kitchen and full bath, box of crayons and color pencils, and a plastic box for them to go into. total: $10.39
Porcelain Pen's non toxic but not intended for use with food items.  Michael's Craft Stores $15.99
Target: clearance boxer briefs star wars 2pack $1.74.  rambo screen t for xmas $4.98, chips for daughter's breakfast $1.39. total: $8.51
Hobby Lobby: clearance scrapbook stickers $2.49, large frame for photo prop $39.99, glow in dark paint $.99, and paint for sister's t $2.99. total: $49.25
Donation to wild life place at mall so we can look at animals: $2
Fast Food at mall: $12.49
Hy-Vee: $3.67 for freezer paper for t-shirts (free with coupons: twix and 2L Dr. Pepper Ten)
Michael's: t-shirt to practice on $2.50, and porcelaine paint pens $7.99, tube of glow sticks: $1.00
total: $12.18
Gordman's: 2 blow guns: $6.34
Grand total: $104.83
So I do need to return a $6 bow and arrow set to walmart since it broke the night we got it home, and also I am going to return the pens to Michael's because they aren't for items you eat off of, which I wasn't sure but I had a 50% off coupon I needed to use that day.  I had looked for the package of dog food that talked about, but at that Walmart it was a 3.5 bag for $6.48, and my packs of coupons also didn't have the shavers.  The Dr. Pepper ten I got at Hy-vee because they were not selling it at Walmart or the Target I went to. 
Don't ask me what my next move is going to be, or how I'm going to stop spending.  I just don't know.  Maybe when the money runs out since I can say none of this went on a credit card.

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