Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spending Update

It has been a crazy busy week.  I have been so busy lately that I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something (I'm sure I am).  I have so many ideas and plans I want to get done in my head, but my thoughts are so frantic I'm not able to focus.  Tuesday night we went to a school book fair/pizza dinner.  I did buy some books totaling $14.98, then that night I went to a hip hop class with a friend.  I am still sore in my legs from the class, but I was having so much fun at the time.  Wednesday I had my test and it was raining like crazy.  I was the first one done which makes me really nervous, but I knew I didn't want to over think my answers.  Today I went to work, then  came home and discussed employer medical benefits with my husband.  It would cost him an extra $600 to have me on his insurance, since I can get my own through my work.  Many companies are doing this these days so spouses can get their own through their company.  I'm just worried because I'm thinking about changing jobs and would like to have insurance.  The good thing about my job now, if I stay on part time they have benefits for those associates as well.  My son had no school today so we went and got a running waist pack for my sister and then picked up my daughter. (She is paying me back, but that was $26.50). I helped with my daughter's brownie troop meeting and then my husband made burgers and I cut up lettuce for a salad for dinner.  I made lunches for school tomorrow and made sure dinner is ready for.  My sister and her family will be here later on in the evening and my parents will arrive about the time school gets out.  One of these days I hope this will settle down but I don't think it will be until about Feb or maybe even April of next year.

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