Sunday, November 6, 2011

Acts of Kindness

So thanks to "I Can Teach My Child", I've been trying to do some acts of kindness and also trying to include my children.  Here is what I have done or tried to do so far:

Nov 3rd: For a Thursday I had a hard time getting it together.  I kept forgetting my change or forgetting to look  for one of those random donation jars when I did have change.  I did buy my daughter's teacher a candy bar so she could give it to him on Friday.
Nov 4th: I took my kids to make pottery at one of those special stores, something we have never done.  We made dishes for Thanksgiving and talked about being thankful.
Nov 5th: I made my sister a casserole to put in her freezer.  We also went to an orientation for an animal shelter so my daughter and I can start to volunteer there.  My daughter donated some of her change to an another animal rescue league when we were out at the mall, where we shopped for our Angel Tree child.
Nov 6th: We prayed for those in need at church and also bought a gift for my friend who retired recently.

Not the best, I know I can do much better.  I also found this blog pin on pinterest that is awesome about acts of kindness and she did them with friends and family for her birthday: "How I Celebrated My 38th Birthday."

This week I would like to:
bring treats to my daughter's before care center
donate toiletry supplies at my son's school
volunteer at animal shelter
have my daughter bring extra gum to test week at school
pick up trash at park

I may not get something done every day but I hope to make up for it on other days.

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