Sunday, November 13, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I can't say I did that well on my acts of kindness this last week.  I did buy treats for my daughter's class in celebration of the end of Iowa Test of Basic Skills, but they didn't have the opportunity to have them.  I forgot to buy pop in cans for their celebration pop party so I will send some pop tops on Monday for the Ronald McDonald house.  My daughter also made a card for a vet in class on Friday so I will send that to my grandpa who was in the Navy.  We did get more shopping done for our Angel tree child.  It was an awesome surprise when the dress that I thought was on sale for $19.99 was actually on clearance for $6.98, and  we also bought her a coat.  Someone sure is looking down upon us.  I also brought some breakfast in for my co-workers who get up early to put out the merchandise.  Sunday I made sure each child had some money to put in the collection basket so they could feel a part of giving.  I hope to be able to get to the Animal Shelter this week to help with the animals.  See here for more acts of kindness: " I Can Teach My Child."

My husband and I really want to have a nice basement theater room to watch movies and relax, but we still have a good amount of bills and we need a sub-pump system so insurance will cover if there is any water damage.  We have a creek in our backyard and the back side of the garage is in a flood plane so you never know what could happen.  I can tell a lot of people around here have sub pumps because you see the hoses after big rains. After pricing out a sub-pump for $5000, and furniture for $2,000, along with a big screen TV for about $2500, it could be another year or two before we will see this happen.  All this has made me really want to focus on cutting back on spending.  I want to make a motivational board ASAP to help motivate me as well.  As much as I want this all to happen right now, it just isn't financially responsible.

I have bread and milk that should last till the end of the week, so I hope to stay out of the store and the urge to buy. We also have a lot of chicken, and hamburger, and one small pork loin in the freezer.  Here is what our menu looks like for this week:

Sunday: chili
Monday: grilled cheese, and tomato soup
Tuesday: Chicken Parmigiana
Wednesday: mexican pork bowls chipotle burrito
Thursday: sweet and tangy meatballs over rice
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: pancakes, chicken nuggets and fries, baked potatoes for dinner

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