Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January DeClutter

Advent Calendar
Christmas tree

Christmas tree sitting by frames

I know it is January 24th, but I finally got all of the Christmas decorations down.  All three of them.  I know it's kinda sad it took me so long considering my tree is about three feet tall.  I just kept telling myself that I would take it down on January 15th, you know after the wise men make it to the manger to see Jesus (I'm not even sure this date is right).  Then that date past and I left it up as a sign of good times we had.  Now I take it down so I'm not embarrassed when we have my daughter's brownie meeting on Thursday.  While taking down the ornaments I also threw away the sad broken foot boxer ornament.  I have to say our tree was sad and not much effort was put into by me, but my kids had a lot of fun helping.  Now maybe I can start decorating for Valentines day.

Sad ornament missing a leg.
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