Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday Week 4

Last week I did a good job of actually cooking what I said I would.  My husband on the other hand always seems to be starving and is willing to shell out the cash for fast food.  Here is a quick run down of some of last weeks meals:
baked ziti- everyone loved and ate, definitely will make again
stuffed corn tortillas- messed up on buying wrong ingredient so will have to try again sometime
puerto rican stew- my husband loved loved loved, and the kids ate it up except for potatoes
garlic wontons- easy to make but kids wouldn't eat, froze extra and were easy to bring for next days lunch

This week's meal plans:

Monday- low fat fettuccine alfredo
Tuesday- lentil tacos
Wednesday- grilled cheese roll ups and tomato soup
Thursday- cowboy casserole
Friday- chicken salad sandwich, fruit
Breakfast: Carla Halls Fried Apple Pancake Rings
Lunch: lentil nachos
Dinner: baked ravioli
Breakfast: baked oatmeal
Lunch: mac and cheese
Dinner: enchilada casserole

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  1. Thank you for providing the recipe links. I checked out the Cowboy Casserole and might make it next week.
    You have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks, I am a big linky fan. I'm not so good at making up my own recipes but I love to find new ones on the web.

  2. so after seeing your review- I sat and stared at that puerto rican stew recipe for a good 5 minutes just now..I am not a big dark meat eater or preparer as it is and I can't seem to get past the chicken legs part of it..even if I can substitute another part..I may pin it and revisit it though as I desire to try new things! Great liking meal plan ;-)

    1. When I prepared it I made it with 3 chicken hind quarters and I really filled up my pot. Just like Crystal & Co. husband, my husband is Puerto Rican, and this tasted like the food his mom used to make.