Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lightening the Load

I get frustrated with myself when I have to dig for 5 minutes just to find my keys. All this stuff was in my purse.  This is a very nice Nine West purse that my sister gave to me about a month back.  It has two zipper pockets, 3 separate compartments, and a cellphone and other side pocket with a place for a pen.  The purse itself screams organization, but yet I like to hold on to a lot of things.  I kept a ketchup packet and honey mustard from Chick-fil-a, just because I thought the ketchup packet was so cute ( a mini ketchup bottle).  Tons and tons of receipts and papers I just shove in my purse and forget about.

Here is what went back in:
wallet clutch with cards inside
checkbook wallet to hold checkbook and change
Ziploc bag of Culvers points from kids meals
current coupons
a tampon
my camera
my new planner for the year
a pen
my sunglasses

Now to keep on top of it.

I'm linking this up to Tackle It Tuesday.

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