Sunday, January 1, 2012

Menu Plan Monday Week 1

We have eaten most of the stock piled freezer meat.  I really don't want to eat out this month because I need to really get serious about my budget and paying off debt. ( I do have a Groupon that will expire that I need to use. ) The ads this past week didn't have very good sales so I am hoping this next week will have a lot.

Monday: Velveeta Nacho Skillet
Tuesday: Turkey-veg panini with fresh fruit
Wednesday: Sorta Rican Empanadas
Thursday: Stuffed Peppers
Friday: Genera Tso Slow Cooker chicken
Breakfast: pancakes
Lunch: pizza
Dinner: hashbrown casserole
Breakfast: eggs and toast
Lunch: Dijon Crusted Chicken Breasts, with dinner rolls and corn
Dinner: mac and cheese

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