Monday, January 2, 2012

Pays To Wait

About a month ago I received a magazine that had a coupon for $5 off of $10 purchase at Hallmark.  I really wanted to get my yearly ornament.  I have been getting a Hallmark ornament since birth and I refuse to give up this tradition.  I started doing it for my kids as well.  Since they get the ones that are trendy for the most part, I did buy theirs early with a coupon.  My son got a Spiderman and my daughter got a penguin in a police car.

Today I went into Coach House and I asked what the price was, and the lady working said they were ringing up less than 50% which is what the sign said.  I got these two ornaments for less than $10!  My tree theme is penguin, which isn't the most popular ornament but they always have  penguin ornaments in stores at christmas.  I get the best deals in Jan on ornaments for next year.

Maybe I shouldn't of bought these but I'm still happy I found them at this cost.  Happy Birthday to me!

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