Sunday, January 15, 2012

Menu Plan Monday Week 3

Here it is in all of its glory:

Monday- baked ziti
Tuesday- stuffed corn tortillas
Wednesday- out to eat
Thursday-breakfast for dinner
Friday- puerto rican stew
breakfast: baked oatmeal
lunch: chicken noodle soup
dinner: garlic wontons
breakfast: strawberry cream cheese croissants
lunch: pizza
dinner: spaghetti and garlic bread

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It has been a really busy week around here and I hate to admit but last week we ate a lot of take out and didn't stick to the meal plan.  I have Martin Luther King day off since my kids are out of school so I hope to catch up of grocery shopping, gas in my car, Girl Scout Cookie selling, and putting away laundry.  I did waste a lot of time at my sisters house after being busy from late morning to mid afternoon.  It's crazy how we only live about 15 minutes from each other but can go months without seeing each other.  I need to get more organized so I can find time for family and friends.  I think it's funny how the tv show The Middle relates a lot to how I'm feeling most time.  The latest episode Frankie spoke of how you should make time for the good things in life and stop filling them with unimportant things.  Yes I need to put the laundry away, but if I wouldn't have spent 30 min organizing all the papers on the counter and just took care of them right away, I would have more time. Someday, someday hopefully soon.

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