Friday, February 3, 2012


Since I plan on cleaning up my room in the basement, I decided to some research on organizing.  I went to the local library and found they had a ton of books on the subject of house cleaning and storage.  Unfortunately 1/2  or more were already checked out.  I guess this must be the natural declutter time of the year because the library even had a special display section dedicated with this topic for this month.  The funniest part of my search was when I found this book called Unclutter Your Life in One Weekunfortunately this book was overdue by a week.  I just don't think this person was able to unclutter their life in a week since the library checks out books 3 weeks at a time.

I find the storage books to be a lot pictures with boring text.  I just quickly flipped through these books and did really see anything too different than what I have already found through pinterest of other blogs.

I'm trying to read through the other books but I'm most likely to skim through them for the most part.  I did find the book Housekeeping Techniques that Save You Money to be interesting.  One part talked about the last person in the morning to shower plugs the tub, and you use that water to flush the toilet through out the day.  I might have to use that one and save me on my water bill.

I will update this post this weekend if I find any more revolutionary techniques as to how to organize my home.

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