Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday Flurries

Saturday I woke up to a wet and heavy snow fall.  I ended up clearing our driveway twice that day.  It didn't stop snowing till dark.  It was so heavy I was able to build this giant snow person, but it wasn't so cold as to freeze the creek water.  My kids played outside for over an hour, which was great.

Doorway to Challenge Room
I added to the craft area.

I also worked on cleaning the basement room.  I started with the area by the door, which held the books.  I knew I had some double of the Berenstain Bear books because I was buying them in sets off of ebay when my daughter was little.  The sad part was I had double of some other books and I don't remember how that happened other than forgetfulness on my part.

The back wall is looking better without the toys.

 I wanted to use the storage container I was currently using to store some extra socks and underwear, to re purpose for the kids coloring books.  First I had to shove the shoes from my husband's side back inside the closet so I could open the door to my side.  Then I put some items from my under the bed storage are into the rummage sale, and the rest in my dresser drawers.  I was able to empty the under the bed storage container, and put the items from the closet storage drawer into this.  I'm not sure if I really like this yet.  I might end up just buying each kid their own box for coloring books and paper.  It would be easier to quickly bring up my son's books to help entertain him while my daughter does homework.

My husband's side of the closet.
My side of the closet.

Here is the after of the books and kids art supplies.  I need to adjust the top of the book section, the cardboard box on the top I need to work in somehow because my daughter says she doesn't want to get rid of them just yet.  The drawer on the bottom was from my bedroom closet.  The other drawers we have had for awhile.  I sorted them into the following: blank paper, construction paper, stickers, colored and regular pencils, crayons and markers.  The top has two tin cans holding paint brushed and scissors.  The other bins on the side still need to be organized.  I kept all the cans from dinner tonight so I will be able to sort out more tomorrow.  I also put rubber bands around the tins cans so I can see where they are, and also took an empty small cardboard box from ready made rice and pinned clips and clothes pins to that as well as stick all the push pins I had into it.

This is the area after I took all the kids art supplies away.

Tape I bought on clearance, $.68 each.

On one hand you would think it was a good deal to buy tape at $.68 a roll.  But I also found three rolls when I was cleaning through the art supplies.  The really bad part is that I only wrap maybe two to three gifts a year.  Somehow I never get around to wrapping birthday gifts, so I end up doing it at my sisters house or have my sister do it for me.  Most years I also let them wrap almost all the Christmas gifts, which they offer to do since they like it so much.  If I am able to add a wrap station in this room maybe I'll actually wrap my own gifts this year.

I was looking around blog land and found some great inspiration:

The Thrifty Decor Chick has an awesome unfinished basement craft room.

DaNita @ Delightful Order had a link up for craft rooms, which is where I found:

Karen @ Sew Many Ways is absolutely awesome.  She has Tool Time Tuesday, which is lots of fun. Plus check out her craft room.

Don't forget to check back in on Friday where I will link up this weeks progress on the basement room.  See more about the challenge at Org Junkie.

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