Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dental Health

Last week my husband and I went to the dentist.  Since junior high I haven't been good about going to the dentist every six months.  I think I have been maybe 5 times since 8th grade.  My husband hasn't gone in the last 15 years.  I'm happy to say that I have found a really great dentist office in my area, and I hope to keep up with my appointments.  We have been very good about taking care of the children's teeth since their teeth have come in which is crazy because my daughter has already had two cavities.  As a child I never had cavities and neither did my husband.  I think a lot of factors come in to play: her favorite food is popcorn, we don't floss, and her teeth are very close together. Her first cavity formed and they watched it for a while before they decided to fix it, and the next one was the tooth next to it, since cavities can spread.  So I would like to share the routine that i was given:

  1. Floss
  2. brush
  3. use mouth wash
  4. if prescribed use fluoride, it can come as a rinse or a paste (make sure not to put anything in your mouth for 30 minutes after treatment
I have to say that this office was very high tech.  They showed me video of my teeth and showed me where I had a few new cavities.  This past Wednesday I had my cavities fixed and this Thursday I had my two wisdom teeth pulled.  My face is really puffy from the procedure but I'm not doing too bad.  Before you have your wisdom teeth pulled, decided what kind of numbing you want.  I had laughing gas, but I ended up losing my breakfast during the procedure.  My advice is to eat a solid breakfast before you go, as I only had peanut butter on toast. (I also threw up when I had an epidural with my kids, what can I say, I like the drugs but they don't like me).  I would also bring someone with you even if they don't suggest it.  I felt fine to leave and don't live too far, but I wasn't feeling well enough to get my pain medication.  I waited till my husband got home and I was in tears by that time.  The medication from the numbing shots had faded, and the hours after your surgery will be the worst pain.  They suggested yogurt and cottage cheese to eat since you need soft food with protein.  It is really hard to open your mouth and you aren't allowed peanuts, popcorn, chips or any hard and small foods six weeks after.  When you buy these things make sure you buy double if people in the house also eat these.  It will seem really appetizing to them since you are eating them, and you want to make sure you have something to eat.  I was prescribed ibuprofen, amoxicillin, hydrocodone, and peridex (mouth rinse).  I have been taking them with food and haven't had much problem, but it you have had problems with any of these is the past I would ask ahead of time of alternatives.  

**Please note I am not a dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, nurse, doctor, lab tech, or have any medical clearance with any states or countries.  Please consult people who have been approved by your state and/or county before doing anything.  This was just a heads up post.  Your welcome.

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