Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Cleaning Challenge- Day 2

Last night I was able to go out and buy some baskets from Dollar Tree for my wall shelf I'm going to put in the dress up area in the toy room.  I also went out and bought peg board from Menards.  It was there that I found out a '4x4' sheet won't fit in a Jetta, so I bought two 2'x4' sheets.  I will need my husband's help, but he is getting his oil changed at Walmart which takes about 3 hours when you don't make an appointment.  
Meanwhile, I was trying to put up the shelf and I thought my wall hanging supplies were in the junk drawer, but couldn't find them.  I figured this was the best time to tackles this project.  Above is the before picture.

Here is a shot of what I sorted from the drawer.  16 different categories, all of which had other homes.
This shot is what I put back inside.  My husband's checkbook (because I know he will question why I had to move it), a notepad, and my screwdriver kit that I am always needing.  I vacuumed and wiped down the drawer but it looks like it needs a new liner.  It didn't take me that long and with all the work I have been doing in the other areas of my home I was able to put things away in no time, and with little thought.  I just wonder how long this drawer will stay this clean.

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