Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 1

The right corner shows the totes I moved from the other room.

I started the challenge yesterday with cleaning my kid's toy area.  From the February cleaning challenge, I moved all the toys that I took out of the toy room from last year's Spring cleaning.   My sister also gave me an air hockey table that I would really like to set up and we got a keyboard for my daughter for Christmas.

I started with moving all the bins that I already have sorted to one side of the space. I was making sure nothing out of place was mixed into the bin (the top picture), while moving them to this space.  Then I also lined up empty bins to hold anything that didn't match or was too big for the sorted containers.
These are the after shots, which still looks messy but there is a lot of floor space that opened up.  I still have to dig under the tables to pick up the toys on the floor but I have only two small boxes of things that didn't get sorted because I wasn't really sure what there are or where to sort them into so I'm going to get my kids involved tonight.
Here are my current categories for toys:
  • zhu zhu box
  • lego books
  • tool box
  • tools and screws, small wood for foam wood
  • baby doll items
  • plastic animals
  • plates, cups, etc for house play
  • play-doh toys
  • barbie, misc dolls for girls
  • balls/ outdoor play
  • train set
  • weapons
  • vehicles
  • dressup

  •  balls, bats, ect (yes more play balls)
  • Lil pet shop bin (more on the table
  • stuffed animals
  • big toys
  • wagon with rollar skates
  • cardboard box with foam wood and projects from lowes

  • top shelf is items to sort still
  • stuffed animals
  • blue bin is super hero
  • pink bin in empty
  • garbage can
  • outdoor toys

Some thoughts at this point:
This video has great ideas on labeling toy bins.
I have a wall shelf that has a dowel under it, that I will hang on the wall for a dress up area.
I need to organize a space in the garage for kids toys, and move some of the balls out there.
I want to set up an area for my son's train set, cars, and tools, and another separate area for my daughter's Lil Pet Shop, barbie, doll, stuffed animal, plastic animals
I'm going to store the food and plates because I haven't seen them play with any of these things for awhile.
I'm going to put the play-doh with the board games.
I want to buy a peg board to have my son's weapons hung on the wall.  
The big TV in the middle of the floor is going on Craig's list for free because it is a really old 32".
I will also donate another TV to Goodwill since they only take good condition TVs with remotes.

I hope to have more updates for tomorrow.

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