Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Cleaning Challenge- Day 5

Today I was week with motivation.  Day 1 of the challenge I started with the toy room in the basement, and had worked on it a lot day one and a little the following days.  I really wanted to get the kids bedrooms done today too, which they worked on a little bit, but they are not finished.  Around noon I finally got the motivation to finish it to 98%.
The second shot really shows how much open the space has become.  I need to get rid of the electronics on the desk and move the pillows to the couch from under the TV, but I hung out down here today and it was great.  We got the bean bag chairs for the kids for Christmas from Gordman's and they are really comfortable.  It is nice to have a basement to relax in during the summer because I don't like to keep the air conditioner running all day.  (It was getting hot today, and I refuse to turn on the air conditioner in March.)
This is now the dress up area.  I need to get pegs for this board to hang up the hats and necklaces and some other misc. items.  (I will update this picture when I do.)

This is my daughter's toy shelf.  I didn't want to spend a lot of containers so I used Girl Scout cookie boxes (Note: we didn't buy all those cookies, I was the cookie mom so I had stashes from booths and doling them out).  The top is barbie dolls and little toy girly dolls.  If you can believe this: all those thin mint boxes are littlest pet shop items mixed in with a few small my little ponies and Squinkies (plus I didn't take the game of littlest pet shop they were playing on the train table).  The other cookie box is for piano books for the keyboard to the left, and to the right is her craft table (too messy to show, I didn't want to mess up her constant work in progress).

This is my son's toy area.  I really like how the peg board weapon display turned out.  I am going to take a picture of how it looks when everything is put away and hang it above so he know what to do.  The shelf on the left holds superheros, box of balls, tool sets, smaller toy cars and the white box holds ammo.

This is still a work in progress but I am happy with what was done today.  I am going to call this good for this challenge and try to work on other projects.  

On a side note: We rarely have people over and then my husband came home and asked if it was OK if his friend and girlfriend came over.  I had been so busy with the basement, that the upstairs wasn't good-enough-for-me ready for company.  I was able to get the home clean in half an hour, and then they didn't come (but now I can relax for tonight :0).  I can say I am getting better at cleaning, and noticing things.  My goal is to be able to keep this up even after I start a new job some day.

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