Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Break Down

I'm going to hide in a hole now and will need some supplies. There is something for everyone at  Costco.
By after school  yesterday, I was just spent.  Lack of sleep and unexpected events, had caught up to me.  I just wanted to curl up and bed and cry.  But I couldn't.  My husband was at a meeting and I had to get the kids fed and my daughter ready for play rehearsal.  So I sat there and cried while I finished fixing the costumes I had to complete and while trying to help my daughter make mac and cheese from a box.  Of course she didn't read directions and it had been a while since we made it together.  I started the water boiling, and before I could stop her she added the pasta and the cheese sauce into the boiling water.  So I told her she would have to eat it that way.  She did, but ended putting shredded cheese melted on top of it.  Did she learn her lesson on the fact that you need to read directions?  I doubt it.  We go over this all the time with her math homework.  Eight year old thinks she knows it all with out having to read directions.  I'm glad someone in this house thinks they have it all figured out.

Yesterday all I got done was re altering costumes for play, I bought foundation, and I had my interview.  I think my interview went good, and I hope they call this week if they are going to give me the job.  Today I will need to get done with everything I didn't get done with yesterday, plus I need to fix my daughter's costume because she hasn't been gentle with it and the waist band is coming off.  I also really need to get my running in, so I want to look into getting a treadmill.  The hardest part will be getting it home, because I will need to borrow my sister's van.  I really like running outside but to run 5 miles it takes about an hour and a half at this point.  After all the rain and storms this weekend, the trails were in bad shape, especially in the tunnels.

Today 5 am looked better than 3.  I still feel tired but I think I will make it through today.  If I can go to Walmart between dropping off kids, I can accomplish some shopping.  I can go to Aldi's after I drop off my daughter and then go to Costco.  When I get home I can run and then sew up the costume, and hopefully make dinner in between there, so I can go to the library after I get the kids from school.  I'm going to try really hard to not get McDonald's because that is the easy way out.  I asked my husband to get the water softener salt since it is his day off.  He said he would try to work it into his plans.  Give me a break.

Money spent: $23.94 ($8.46 on Chinese take out for two, $15.48 on groceries)
$20.11 at Walgreen's on makeup
Miles: day off
Water: 64 oz

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