Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can't Sleep, Clown Will Eat Me

Bed Bath and Beyond Bedding I liked.
Or maybe this one from JCPenney's.

Every time I can't sleep I think of the line from the Simpson's when Bart got a clown bed: "Can't Sleep Clown Will Eat Me."  Not being able to sleep makes me feel really juvenile sometimes because even a baby knows how to do it.  Lately I have been on a vicious cycle.  I'm tired so I go to bed by 10pm, but then I am up at 3 or 4 am, but still tired.  I have all these thoughts of things to do or emotions in my head and they won't stop.  Yesterday I was up at 4, but then went back to bed about 5:45 and could barely wake up by 7:30 to get everyone running around to leave by 8 for school.  Yet here I am again, up at 3:30.

My to do list I posted on Sunday for Monday, I got all of it done except for working one hour on misc clutter and rummage.  I was already having trouble sleeping when the water softener kicked on and my husband mention we probably need more salt.  Geez, thanks for adding to my to do list while you go back to sleep like a log.  (Am I the only one who feels like smacking their husband for sleeping too soundly next to them while they toss and turn from feeling overwhelmed.)

Today's to do list:
return books to the library
need new foundation
interview for job
trip to store for daughter's costume
re alter costumes for play
get water softener salt
trip to Costco for: juice boxes, string cheese, razors for husband, and coffee
I need to pick up furnace filters and make sure to measure for size before I go
grocery shop

This week still need to:
clean bathrooms
mop floors
hang curtains in daughter's room
work on rummage/Goodwill items
go through paper work piling on counter in kitchen
plant vegetable garden
apply for my 2 jobs this week for unemployment

I'm going to fight hard to not go back to sleep today because I also want to research job interview question, practice my typing skills, and make a grocery list.  I only have 4 hours till I need to leave and take kids to school.

Money spent: $0 (used a gift card)
Miles: 5.51 miles
Water: 36 oz

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