Friday, July 27, 2012

A List

So have you seen this posting on the  blogosphere : Project Organize Your Entire Life.  It is one thing to bitch about your life, and another to actually do something about your life.

These are the things I would like to change:
1. finance
2. weight/look
3. organization

I am getting better with making more money.  I recently traded one of the bills that I paid, grocery's, with my husband's bill of my car payment. It is very had to get a handle on grocery's and I think my husband is now realizing why we ate a lot of mundane, crappy food when I was feeling the wallet pinch. The car payment is $306 a month which is a large payment, but it is what it is for now. I plan on starting a dental hygiene program in the fall of 2014. I would like to make sure by that point, our bills can be paid by mainly my husband because the program only recommends working 15 hours a week. It will most likely be a low paying job because I found it hard to find a good paying job to begin with when I needed to at the time.  I will still need to put the kids in daycare I think, depending on my school hours and how much my daughter has matured by that point.

I have been working on running in the half-marathon. A running book I read says that most women who start running programs, just maintain their weight the first year.  For a few weeks I have been being good, but then I slip back in to eating out and drinking pop. Did I mention that cans of soda are only 25 cents at my job? How tempting is that? I think I need to take this one meal at a time and find a group of rotating breakfast or lunches, that are low in calories which would free up more calories for dinner. It did seem that when I kept track of what I ate, I snacked a lot of calories so that would be my next step.  I think I also need to schedule in a cheat day, and reschedule it as needed. I tried to tell myself that I would only have pop on the weekends but I really need to go cold turkey with that. I wonder if those people who don't drink pop don't get value meals when they eat out? I might need to start ordering off the value menu.  Once I get my food on track, I hope that it will help clear up my skin since I have been having mad break outs lately. I also think I need my hormones checked. Becoming thirty has been hard!

I organized a lot when I was out of work, but the house still needs work.  I haven't gotten a handle on my schedule yet as far as cleaning. I think I need to come up with plan A, B and C. Plan A: daily cleaning schedule. Plan B: cleaning bare minimum. Plan C: Weekend or just a few days of the week to clean.  I also need to figure out the best chores for the kids to do and when they need to get them done. I did pick up a organizer with a handle and a colorful spray bottle for the kids to use when they clean the bathrooms.

I think my biggest downfall is my lack of keeping a plan. I don't know weather to tackles each one of these task one by one, or work on each one each week. I think I will mull this over and get back to myself by Monday.

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