Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Household Coordinator

School is starting and so starts my love/hate relationship with my kids in school. I love that there are in great environments, learning and playing. I hate that I'm the one to wake them up and make sure they have everything they need.  I try to remind my daughter to bring things to school, but unless she forgets her lunch or glasses, she is on her own to explain why something is missing.
Last year my son's lunch was included in his tuition since he was in preschool and there was times that I made my daughter make her own lunch, because I loathe making lunches. I also set a limit of $10-$20 for my daughter each month for picking out days from the lunch menu. This year my son will have to pay for the school lunch since he is in kindergarten, and my daughter will be in fourth grade. I will give each kid a $10 limit for school lunches for the month and my plan is to make sure we are stocked up on the weekend for home made lunches, and have them made the night before. This might not always happen, but it is a great goal.

I also searched the web and pinterest for some home made school lunch inspiration:

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures has great looking home made Lunchables

Flickr collection of school lunches by mislil65

Meals Matter "Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas"

Planning Make for Perfect School Lunch from San Antonio Online

Fresh for Kids has healthy lunch box ideas with downloadable mini books for ideas

Money report: I forgot to report Sunday I returned pop cans and got $1.75, but I bought a case of pop and paid $.97.  Yesterday I stopped at Target and stuck to my list and paid $15.26 (Clorox wipes, printer ink, and cough medicine.). We were having a pot luck at work; I spent $6.95, and they ran out of food before my lunch hour so I then paid $4.13 at KFC for lunch, but they miss heard my order, wanted my to pay 6.13, and corrected it to the 6pc bites  for $4.23, but let me pay 44.13 and still gave me the 10 piece still.
Chore Report: Picked Up in main areas, put recycling to outside container, running dishwasher, swept floors, put away my laundry and bath towels
Health report; ran/walk 55 min today, and tried to do some strength training yesterday, but I'm too small for the machines at my work's gyms

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