Sunday, September 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday Week 37

I love my skillet!
I thought I was doing fairly well with keeping up with posting, but then I went on vacation. We went out of town for four days, came back for three and left again for another three days. I needed to go out of town the second time since I feel guilty because my sisters and I will all miss my cousins wedding, because of a 1/2 marathon. This may sound like an invalid excuse, but we really don't know each other that well, and have barely seen each other since childhood. I feel bad about missing it so I had to go to her shower, which fell the week after we drove 6 hours to and from Chicago. I've also been trying to catch up with all the debt I seem to accumulate and then pay off in viscous cycles. In addition to all that, I'm also freaking out about Christmas! I'm trying to earn rewards through various methods so I don't go into debt. It is taking up a lot of the energy I have left after trying to eat healthy and exercise. I still am trying to menu plan though because it helps with the debt and with the healthy eating.

Monday- pizza
Tuesday- chicken tater tot casserole
Wednesday- leftovers
Thursday- mini tacos
Friday- mac and cheese
Breakfast: Cinnamon Sugar Pizza
Lunch: chicken nuggets and fries
Dinner: Puerto Rican Pork Roast (i'm going to make potatoes instead of yucca)
Breakfast: breakfast biscuits
Lunch: frozen turkey burger's from Aldis with corn
Dinner: blackened tilapia with Puerto Rican rice

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