Monday, September 17, 2012

Saving for Christmas

So I'm already trying to prepare for Christmas by accumulating points from different systems for gift cards or gifts. I plan on using these programs to pay for my 5 nieces and nephews. Our family sets a gift limit of $30 per child fro Christmas. Here are the different reward programs I am using to cut down my debt but still have a good Christmas:

Bing search engine now has rewards, here is my link:
They have $5 Amazon gift cards, along with other rewards, for 525 points and you can earn 15 points by searching 30 times on the Bing site while signed in each day. There are also referral points, along with other daily task to earn more points to achieve your goal.

Swagbucks is a google search engine, here is my link:
They also have $5 Amazon gift cards, along with other prizes, for 450 points. The points for searching are random but usually around 9 points has been my average. You can also earn 1 point for the daily pole and watch 10 short videos to earn 3 points by getting your meter to 100%.

This is a phone application, but you can also search online. They have more strict rules on their searching so I don't use that function.  Read this great review. I am trying to get to 9000 points. Sometimes this app rejects scans, and check ins and I would say is the most deficult of all the point reward programs I use. They do have decent rewards as long as you are a stickler about their rules. You can earn 300 points if you sign up under a referral.(iowamom)

This has awesome reward gift cards and prizes. It also has extra bonus points for scanning different items, and for walking into different stores. They recently added Target walkin points which is awesome because I go there all the time. See my post here. Currently there is no referral for signing up.

Feel free to ask my any questions on these programs, and I will let you know how this whole paying for Christmas by rewards works out.

*Remember to only scan in the store and do not use any of the online sites to scan barcodes. I know of people who have gotten kicked off earning rewards by doing so, so keep it legit people!

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