Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

What a long weekend! Saturday I had to finish making a poodle skirt for my daughter, attended a lunch with some old friends, and took my kids to a rollerskating party. Sunday I had to take apart my washer, take my daughter to the Animal Rescue League, and pick up some books at the library. My washer is working for now, but because the boot wasn't installed properly by my husband (he ripped the $100 boot) and we will need to order another one. The kids don't have school tomorrow and it will cost me more money at daycare this week, but at least I don't need to make lunches. I need to save my vacation time for Spring Break and for a week this summer. At least I have my meal plan ready!

Monday- Spaghetti
Tuesday- Steak tacos with Spanish rice
Wednesday- Rice and beans
Thursday- Chicken Salad
Friday- Mac and Cheese Chicken
Saturday- lunch: pizza
                dinner: turkey burgers and fries
Sunday- lunch: sesame chicken and fried rice
             dinner: leftovers

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