Thursday, January 17, 2013

Whirlpool, We Have A Problem

Pre-boot Replacement rip on my daughter's PJ
Over two years ago I posted about my new Washer. At the time we had troubles linked to our new water softener when they installed it wrong. Friday night I went to take clothes out of the washer and part of the boot seal had ripped off! We called to see how much it would cost for someone to come and fix it, but it was going to be about $300. We only paid $700, plus we have been seeing holes in our clothes and can't figure out if it was the washer or dryer. I searched You Tube and found a video about replacing the boot on a front loader. We were able to order the part for $110 and my husband replaced the boot. He put in the first load and when it was time to put it in the washer he discovered my work out pants burned and tore.
I got these at Marshalls and really liked the length and the fit. There is no repairing this kind of tear. The pants are 93% Polyester and 7% Spandex. The PJ are 100% polyester. We also have holes in cottons but they haven't been as big as these holes.

I searched online and found some older forum about holes in clothes. It seams people blame washers, dryers, laundry detergent, activities and clothing for holes that seem to appear.

To troubleshoot this problem for myself I'm going to:
1. Not let my husband wash my clothes. I think he over stuffs the machine and he doesn't sort.
2. Separate my knit clothes from jeans and other materials
3. Wash them in the gentle cycle
4. Only lightly fill a small laundry basket for a load
5. Consider new detergent

I will update later if I find that this is working or if I find more holes in my clothes.

Note: The Whirlpool Duet Model I am using is WFW9150WW00, Serial number HL01895953 bought from Lowes Aug 2010.

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