Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Safe Passwords

How to Create a password that is harder to crack:*

I pick out ads in magazines and create my passwords. For example:
If you need 8 characters, one upper, one lower, a number and a special character, your password could be: Vase3S&G, Vase for Vaseline, S&G for spray, and go and 3 for the three bottles. I then have the ad handy to glance at when thinking of my password.

Another method would be to think of a sentence and use all the first letters from the sentence. Example:   Mouse Trap & Scrabble are my favorite board games = MT&Samf6g.  You can make up your own method for how the special characters represent a letter. Such as the * will always represent the letter U in your passwords. You never want to use sequences or things that are common knowledge, such as your name and house number. If you are just meeting someone and they ask you questions about your job, kids, pets, etc they can easily crack your password if they wanted to access your accounts. Also anything posted on Facebook, such as your vacation to Ohio, I wouldn't use Ohio-13 as a password.

It is best to change your password every 60 days, especially for anything that is important to you, such as your blog or your bank account. If you have a calendar in your email you can set up a reminder to change your passwords if the site does not have a reminder notice every 60 days. Make sure to never share your password with anyone.

*Disclaimer: this is just my advise and no guarantee that you will not be violated.

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