Thursday, May 2, 2013

❤ Teachers

May 6-10 is Teacher Appreciation Week. My kids go to two different schools and there will be a lot of Teacher sucking up going on next week. I will post my Teacher appreciation gift this weekend since I haven't been to the store yet and I'm waiting for my allowance that I give myself on Friday.

So far here are the plans that my kids schools will be doing to appreciate their teachers:

  • gift bags for each teacher
  • decorating the teacher's lounge and making sure it is clean each day
  • making smoothies
  • large fruit salad placed in the teachers lounge and snacks and treats other days
  • 15 min massages while a volunteer watches their class
  • bringing the teach lunch 
  • a card signed from all the kids to thank the teacher
If you need more inspiration, check my favorite spot Pinterest, search for Teacher gifts or Teacher appreciation. This was my favorite post because it was detailed for each day: Crazy for Crust
I also found a post for gifts if you have a male teacher.

In closing.......


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