Friday, May 10, 2013

Sorting Snacks

I'm going to the zoo today with my son and his class. We have been asked to chaperon a group of kids. As chaperons we will need to bring:
Snacks for our group
Band aids
Hand cleaning wipes
Antibacterial gel
A cell phone
Facial tissues

I bought a box of Cheese Nips and some snack bags. The box said 10 servings so I divided them into 10 snack bags. Now I will have enough snacks for ten kids or I can use any extras for the kids lunch. I then took the liner out of the box and put the snack bags back in the box. This will help keep them from being crushed during transport and easier to carry.

I also found that Walmart has two sections for wipes: one in the baby section for diaper wipes an then a baby section in the shampoo/personal care aisle. I was able to find a cheap brand for $.97/40 wipes in the later Aisle to keep cost down . Everything else I had on hand!

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