Saturday, July 20, 2013

Random Sites I Have Texted To Myself

When I am on my phone I will take picutres or text myself to remind myself to check it out later. I have yet to really go back to look at these things, so I thought why not today. Here we go:

  • Apparently this day I was on a kick for Paleo resources. I just wish I could stick with this diet but being gluten free is expensive and I like bread. I still try my best to stay away from anything non-Paleo as much as possible.

  • I did try this recipe and it was good. The kids weren't too excited about the crushed ritz crackers, but they could be left out.

  • The next link led me to a dead end, but The Polka Dot Patch is a great site for a kids learning resource.

  • 50 tools to better your blog. I'm too disorganized to have a great blog so I've been mainly just blog when I feel like it and if people read it great, if not, oh well.

  • A Beautiful Mess is a great design and craft blog. I can get lost in this site for hours.

  • From Cube to Farm.....not sure why I was sending myself this link. It has a broken link for a Paleo story and I do like the story about the Mom support group, but it seems she hasn't been keeping up with her blog lately.

  • I have just this past year started to eat brussel sprouts. I don't remember my mom ever serving them so I have had to find my own recipes. I have yet to try The Southern Lady Cook: Ritzy Brussel Sprouts. This also looks like a good recipe blog.

  • The Krazy coupon lady has a list about every week for free Kindle books. Now that my kids have a Kindle I need to be checking this every week so they use the Kindle for more than games!
  •  This last one is a Facebook post for KFC coleslaw, which I have always liked. I'm sure there are better recipes to copy out there but I would like to try this one some day.

Texting myself is an OK way to remember websites as long as I'm going to use my phone to re-look at the link, otherwise I email the link from my phone to my email address. Then I just open the link in my email. This can also be done on most browser if you are not using your own computer. Just open a new email and copy and paste the link and email it to yourself since you are not able to bookmark it. Discovering new websites it my favorite past time!

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