Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Photo Upload Error

Hooray! I think I finally figured out a work around for my error with uploading my photos. My husband bought me a Kodak camera for Christmas a few years ago and I always blamed the camera. I still don't know why it really started but here are some details:
Kodak point and shoot camera
HP Pavilion g series laptop with Window 7 64 bit and Vision AMD
error code: 0x80010108

This would tell me that some of the files could not be downloaded because they were corrupt. I pouted till I got a new camera, this time a Nikon. That too had the same problem so I did research. I found out that there is something wrong so I downloaded Windows Essentials 2012. I then put in the memory card and to go to the file to copy and paste. I also had snapfish automatically taking the pictures to upload, which always was able to grab all the photo, even the ones that were given the error. So I learned how to turn off the snapfish picture mover since this seemed to give me the error of: No new pictures were found on this device. This now allows me to copy and paste from the folder. I will now have to manually upload to snapfish but I think I will try to be better about doing this and tagging them to keep them manageable.

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