Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

Here are some shots of the products I use the most for my barely there beauty routine, plus some new things I'm trying:

I have been using Dove deodorant for awhile and I like how it makes my skin feel. My pigment problems with my skin started at my arm pits at 18 and are sensitive to shaving and I think this helps. Cetaphil is great morning moisturizer since it has an SPF and does not make my face feel greasy.  

Sorry for the bad picture, but these are Victoria secret shower scrubs which I use for shaving. My other favorite scrub for shaving is Clinique body scrub, but I would like to try a DIY scrub for a closer shave. Some days my legs have a 5 o'clock shadow!

This has been great for my face. Some days by noon I was feeling greasy, but now I don't. I use this morning and night unless I take a shower, then I use misc products in the shower to wash my face.

I will only floss with Crest Glide or Oral-B Glide. I have yet to try the satin. This floss makes it so much easier as it doesn't shred and seems to go through gums with ease. Also pictured is my slanted tweezer which is a must for me with my bushy brows.

I always use my pick out of the shower. I use other brushes but this is the one I use the most. Neosporin I have been using on my face for any healing blemishes. At least in my mind it has been improving the amount of time it takes and helps them be less red.

My Camelbak water bottle is the double wall version. I have it with me just about everywhere, especially at work. This one is 600 ml which is a little over 20 oz. I try to drink 3 of these a day.

I just bought these from Walmart. They are sulfite free. I wanted to try the different types so I got one shampoo and one conditioner,but I think the Moroccan scent is a little strong.

These are also from Walmart and I have had them for a few weeks. I was to exfoliate my skin more and my feet to keep me soft and smooth.

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