Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cleaning Mud Run Shoes

I signed up for a mud run this year, thinking how hard can it be. Really hard! It had been raining a lot in the area and it was super muddy. I knew I was going to get muddy but I didn't expect 75% of the three miles to be mud pools. 20% was deep mud, sometimes putting me over knee deep. I'm not sure why they call it a run when you can't run in it! I tried not to stop because then it would suck you in and you might never get out again!

I don't think I would do it again. I prefer the Warrior Dash and I hope to do a Spartan race or maybe even a Tough Mudder someday.
What I did know was that I couldn't let this mud take my shoes. I needed them for the Warrior Dash! I ended up taking my shoes of during the race which was quite  hard to do with mud every where. It wasn't  too bad to run without shoes , until the end where they had a little of rocks.
So I got home with an extra 5 pounds of  mud, and here is how I cleaned them:
1. Dry out the mud by placing shoes in the sun. I think it also rained a little but they dried out again.
2. Bang the shoes outside in concrete to get off chunks of dirt.
3. Spray with jet nozzle of hose to get remaining dirt chunks off the shoes.
4. Dry out again.
5. Wear them (without socks because they are still dirty) around the yard while doing yard work.
6. Throw them in a pillow case and tie with a hair tie. Dry them again outside.
7. Wear them around again to re break them in again.
8. Do the Warrior Dash and donate them to a good cause!

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