Monday, September 23, 2013

To Comment or Not

Reading blogs is my favorite thing. I learn so much and have so my pretend friends, it's great! I have read some post that talk about commenting, and I feel I really need to step up my game. The problem I have with commenting is that: A. people will know I was there, which can feel like eaves dropping on a conversation I was never a part of, and B. would if they think my comment is stupid, catty, offensive, weird? These thoughts keep me from wanting to post a comment or sometimes just attach my name. I'm am trying to get over these thoughts because I know how great it feels when someone comments on a post, especially if you think no one ever reads your blog (In no way is this a cry for people to comment more on my post, I know I'm a slacker blogger and sporadic random poster). Here are my 5 rules for commenting on a blog:

1. Do not post a negative comment.
  • I just don't see why negative comments are needed and I have read some really bad ones. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think negative comments are downers to a post. If I don't agree, then I don't agree but I'm not going to attack someone for their opinion, specially if they didn't ask for it in the first place. This is just my rule and I know commenting is a way to voice your own opinion on a topic, so to each their own.
2. Do not write a book in the comment field.
  • I try to keep it to a short paragraph. This is why having your own blog is handy, instead of leaving a comment that is a post in itself you can do your own post on the topic. Just make sure, at the very least, to link to their inspirational post, and add a comment in their post.
3. Do comment often.
  • This one I'm working on. If people didn't want comments they can turn them off or make them private. People may not want negative comments, but I know they enjoy some good discussion.
4. Do spell check and proof read.
  • I think this one is important if you comment using a smart phone and have the auto correct on. I know we have seen those screen shots on Pinterest where they auto correct incorrectly. Proof reading is important because who can take a comment seriously if it doesn't make a lot of sense.
5. Read others comments before commenting.
  • My thinking on this is if there are already 50 people who commented on a great picture of a haircut, maybe you could comment on her pretty eyes. It is always more interesting when there is more of a discussion in the comments instead of everyone saying the same thing over and over.

(These are not the bible of commenting or anything, just my opinion/tips for commenting. No negative comments needed. LOL)

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