Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Results of Advocare 24 Day Challenge

The last time I weighed in I was 125lb. Sunday, December 29th we left for vacation.  It was a really hectic day because it started snowing Saturday night and the roads were a mess. We had my family at my house Saturday to have Christmas and they spent the night. 

While on the road I ate two McDonals's wrap with grilled chicken. I wish I would have asked to hold the cheese but I did know. I ate healthy chili and didn't eat the treats. The rest of the trip was full of Puerto Rican food. The problem was even though I was taking the pills, I was constipated. The day after the challenge I weighed in at 127 (this was a different scale which could have changed the number, but I doubt it). I forgot to bring a tape measure, I hadn't worked out since Friday, and I was disappointed with my number so I didn't take pictures. 

I really like the challenge, but it isn't something I can afford at this point in my life. If I can find some cash I will do the 10 day fiber cleanse again in a few months, since I lost a lot of weight during this time. Today I weigh 129lb and I haven't been eating that well. I hope to motivate myself back into the same workout routine and eating habits. If I do I have no doubt I can get down to 125lb, then in a few years I can do the challenge again.

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