Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Expect the Unexpected

January's budget went OK. I always thought I was doing OK, but a written zero based budget is working so much better. On Dave Ramsey's blog he has post on things you might forget to budget for the month which is helpful. Here is what we missed in our budget in January:
Drivers license renewal 21.50 for a 5 yr (paid less on debt)
Groupon use cost $6 for tip $13 food ( paid from mad money and gas fund)
Boy scout go see it wrestling $8 (used change jar)
School play skate party fundraiser $13 (my husband paid with his mad money and daughter paid from her money)
Birthday at school ( I used my birthday money):
Cake $27.98
Plates $1.99
Juice $7.49
Field trip $5.25 ( this was an optional donation so we didn't because we didn't have the money)
Total: $79.96
I received $50 for my birthday. I thought about putting it all towards debt but my husband said to spend it on myself. I ended up spending most of it on snacks and my daughters half birthday to bring treats to school. I have a hard time telling my kids no and I already promised her that about a month ago, before we started budgeting.

February Extras:
Car tags $177.50
Baseball $90
Girl scout world food day: ~$5
Tax Pro: ~$200
Donation to Jump for Heart- $5 ( already paid from mad money)
Total: $477.50
I have picked up a second job which I hope to fund all the above and to use my mad money. My husband and I each get some mad money each month. Last month I went over so I took out that much less this month. When I went to the bank I took out $10 less than that for just in case, which is how I paid for the Donation already. The grocery and extra money in my gas fund we are putting towards debt. We were planning to use extra grocery money towards some more expensive food, but I reasoned that we did eat out when we went out of town so we did have that treat.

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