Saturday, February 15, 2014

Menu Plan

The other day was another snow storm, so I picked up my kids from their early out and made homemade hot cocoa. It was so much better than a packet. My daughter even said the other day it really helped her practice her violin. Here are a few easy recipes:
Hershey's Hot Cocoa for One
Nestle Toll House Hot Cocoa (Serves 4)

Now that I have a second job, I have not had a day off for weeks. I really didn't expect a part time job to schedule me every day I am available, but they are and I'm earning money. It isn't too bad, I just need to be more organized and it does make me tired. I want to shop for two weeks at a time so two Saturdays a month I don't have to go grocery shopping.

14 meals:
1. chicken leg quarters with mashed potatoes
2. spaghetti
3. pork chops with corn and carrots
4. steak tacos
5. chicken salad
6. turkey burgers with baked potatoes
7. mac and cheese
8. taco ring
9. tuna patties with grapes
10. chicken fried rice
11.baked sweet and sour chicken and rice
12. mexican pork bowl and rice
13. BBQ pork sandwich with apples
14.  beef and broccoli and rice

More Menu Plans are posted on I'm an Organized Junkie every Monday for a giant link up.

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