Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feb '15 Non-Budgeted Expenses

Things not budget for before February:
-$20 more cough medicine
-$15 for orchestra fundraiser to buy a cup
-$36 for daughter to attend baby sitting class
-$1.06 dry erase markers to use for my Den meetings (Dollar Tree ones, don't even work!)
-$3.18 in gifts, my son was invited to a friends party
-$79.26 in fast food
-$3.71 entertainment (Red Box 2 rentals with coupon, 1 without)
-$5 cover charge when went out with friends
-$130.05 for part for washer (replaced again!)
-$9.00 valentines for kids
-$42.00 circus
-$110 Costco membership
-$68.20 extra in clothing, Easter/church clothes mostly, found some clearance items
-$5 extra to church
-over $3.62 in personal category (bought a $40 weight set to increase what I lift)
-$.40 extra to pay off my son's school lunch account
-$7.95 in snow blower parts to keep the wheels on and the washers didn't even fit.
- $58 on a will kit from US Legal forms, still need to print and get started.
-$349.64 for the two days in 2014 where our kids didn't have insurance (don't get me started)
-$25.28 gift for my son's birthday in March

Things we did budget in:
$115 in baseball for son
$11.50 eyebrow wax for myself (long overdue, saved half price with first visit)
$100 more for food
$161.50 for cub scout camp
$20 in convenience food
$11.13 eyebrow wax
$27 for kids yearbooks
$178.30 for car tags ($99.20 less than last year)

Everything was paid for in cash, except for the Costco membership. I still have not canceled my American Express credit card. Half of me wants to and half of me can't seem to let it go. It auto renews my membership each year which I hate. I have talked with my mom about cancelling the membership that we share but nothing has happened yet. I do have the money to pay it off, and will do so. I plan on paying for the whole thing as part of her mother's day gift since she is so hard to buy for or she gives ideas after the fact. The biggest disappointments were the washer seal going out again and the medicare bill I had to pay. I really want to just throw the dang thing out! Twice in 5 years we have replaced this part. Next time I will not buy a Whirlpool and I'm thinking of getting a top loader. The wins of the month is we are funding Christmas and able to pay $2005.00 off in debt this month.

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