Saturday, January 21, 2017

10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Diary

To try and lose a little bit of weight I tried the 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. I lost about 8 lbs, but a friend who did it about the same time lost over 10 lbs. I think I should have eaten more. I would only allow myself one egg a day and no PB. She ate PB and ate 3-5 eggs a day. It was a great way for me to stop craving sweets so much, but I just didn't stick with it much longer.

Here is my journal of the experience:

Day 1- I was hungry and angry that I had to do dishes again. Mid afternoon I was really tired and nodding off, but work was slow. Smoothie tasted fine. I think it was the berry vegan protein powder that throws off the taste.

Day 2- I want bread! Or pizza! Or bread with butter! Craving carbs. Smoothie was bigger today than yesterday and taste good. I didn't add protein powder.

Day 3- last night I had a nightmare about being in a mall and there were multiple shooters with automatic pistols. To be fair, I was watching Major Dad on View Yahoo. The night before I dreamed I was swimming with my laptop and my husband tried to jump over me and knocked it in the water. 😑Not sure if is the diet or just the diet making me sleep better. I thought I hadn't had caffeine in two weeks but since I don't track what I eat, I then remembered the Dr Pepper from Culvers on Sunday and I have been having some Spark. Today after I convinced myself to get out of bed I did feel energized. Really waking up wasn't too hard today, but maybe because it is Saturday. They say if you want to jump out of bed then have something, like a good breakfast to look forward to in the morning. Today's smoothies were really big and almost didn't fit in my Ninja cups!

Day 4- I only remember the last part of my dream. I was driving a co-worker around at lunch and we were going to stop in a gas station. She was saying something like' I like going this way because it is the other direction from work and it is hidden' like she didn't want people to see her buy cigarettes. I took a crazy turn to park and end up in a park right next to gas station. Then these Glossners neighbor boys and a girl started to try to get in these freezer bags I had in one of those round wicker chairs, so I was trying to physically fend them off then woke up. Last night I forgot to run the dishwasher so now I will run a quick cycle while I drink my tea and maybe clear some snow.

Day 5- feeling good. We will see what today brings to see if I have an afternoon lull. I haven't weighed myself and I don't feel like I have lot a lot of weight. This will be something I speak to my doctor about. I need to talk with a coworker about a program she was thinking of joining because I'm not sure what I will do next.Smoothie wasn't as big as it was the previous day. Also I need to invest in disposable straws and some jars to keep these in.

Day 6- Mind is clearer these last two days. Friday at work was a real frustration day but I was repeating work as I forgot to save Friday's results and I was doing better. Today's smoothie seemed thick but it wasn't too bad. It made a decent amount. My bacne seems so much better, I had my husband check. Now I just need to work on scars and maybe I can show off my back this summer. I'm really liking how I feel so I hope when I weigh in on Day 11 I'm not disappointed. Today was a crazy morning so I had tea and morning smoothie at my desk about 7am after waking at 5:30a. I don't like how my teeth can feel filmy so I need to bring a toothbrush for after my smoothie.

Day 7- I had a 💩when I woke up a little before six am, then when I got home at seven I really had to go and a lot. I have only had detox tea and haven't had a smoothie yet. Today's smoothie got messed up. I froze the greens and got them out yesterday. Today they were gross looking so I just used the last of the mix greens I had. I think it is better to make the smoothie then freeze the whole thing. They did almost fill to the fill line of the ninja cups. Tasty except for the mixed berries had some small pieces that were hard so I had to spit a few out.

Day 8- not much new to report. Everything is going ok. Just wondering what will happen next. I bought some more glass jars so I can freeze some smoothies but I still need to get ingredients.

Day 9- I was hungry but I wasn't drinking as much water since I had the day off. Smoothies was a big size.

Day 10- last day! Now I really need to nail down the next week, at least until Christmas. Today's smoothie was small so I added another cup of water since it also was thick. Period and cleanse = lots of 💩. Tomorrow weigh in and measurements.

         After the cleanse I really tried to keep up with two smoothies a day but I did this right before Christmas and we took off to be with family for four days, where I didn't have my blender or supplies. I made a few more but the weekend after I just couldn't get it together to start again, so that is when I decided I needed to find a coach to help, and signed up for Profile by Sanford.

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