Monday, January 16, 2017

1982 - 35 Years Ago

Being as this is my birthday month, I am going to continue with my theme of 35. 35 doesn't seem that old. If I live to be 90, which was about as old as my great-grandma when she passed, then I am only approximately 40% through my whole life, and approximately 25% of my adult life.

1982 was the year, and what a year it was:
→Pope John Paul II prays for an end to marital law in Poland.
Bryant Gumbel became the new co host of NBC's Today Show (which was the beginning of a 15 year run).
Golden Gate Bridge was closed for couple hours due to high winds.
→Jan 17 was "Cold Sunday"
Ozzy Osborne bit the head off a bat
→Jan 9 Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was born, wife to Prince William, whose birthday is June 21.
Danny DeVito and and Rhea Perlman married. They are still together, only separating for less than a year during that time. Impressive for a celebrity marriage. side note - I recently rematch 'Cheers' and it definitely a classic, which also began in 1982.
→Find top songs of 1982 here.
Jane Fonda released a workout video.
E.T. is released.
Adobe was founded.
Trivial Pursuit was released.
Glo Worm was introduced.
1982 World's Fair opened May 1.
Johnny Gosch disappeared.

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For more on the History of 1982 see this site.

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