Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Profile by Sanford Week 15

Starting Weight: 164.20 lb
Current Weight : 134.7 lb
Total Weight loss: 29.5 lb

Week 0-1 weight: 161.8 lb (-2.4 lb)
Week 1-2 weight: 157.40 lb (-4.4 lb)
Week 2-3 weight: 155.2 lb (-.2.2 lb)
Week 3-4 weight: 154.10 lb (-1.1 lb)
Week 4-5 weight: 151 lb (-3.1 lb)
Week 5-6 weight: 149.2 lb (-1.8 lb)
Week 6-7 weight: 147 lb (-2.2 lb)
Week 7-8 weight: 146 lb (-1 lb)
Week 8-9 weight: 144 lb (-2 lb)
Week 9-10 weight: 142.6 lb (-1.4 lb)
Week 10-11 weight: 139.8 lb (-2.8 lb)
Week 11-12 weight: 138.9 lb (-.9 lb)
Week 12-13 weight: 138 lb (-.9 lb)
Week 13-14 weight: 136 lb (-2 lb)
Week 14-15 weight:134.7 lb (-1.3 lb)
Goal weight : 124 lb 

Obviously I didn't blog last week. We went out of town for Easter and then again the following week. Add in baseball, violin, housework, and work.

Even with going out of town I have been able to lose weight. I didn't drink. I tried to eat all my profile products. I didn't eat anything (that I know of) that wasn't on the list for Reboot. Easter I ate too many deviled eggs. 
This last weekend I ate two McDonalds side salad with Profile Ceasar dressing that I had in a cooler while my husband ate a Big Mac meal with Dr Pepper and the kids had chicken nuggets. Why hasn't McDonalds gotten the soda machine like Wendy's? I could care less if any size drinks are a dollar because they no longer have lemonade. My kids never know what to get and my daughter hates Hi-C. She ended up getting water because my kids are not used to pop, since we rarely let them have it. But they are at a point where the milk or juice is too small, it is one gulp for them. Ahhhh, I digress. 
Saturday my husband's family got together, but it wasn't anything I have never had before so I wasn't tempted. I had a salad with southwest chicken that I found at Aldi. We also went to play a the park which was a lot of fun because they have big slides and I had no fear of getting stuck in the tunnel.
Sunday we went to ikea first thing in the morning. They have a breakfast of eggs, sausage, and potatoes. I got this and just tried a small potato just to see if it was awesome and it wasn't. I gave them to my husband. I also tried Schweppes Lemon Lime Sparkling water and it tasted great. This might be my go to drink. I'm not a big fan of blue Powerade Zero and that seems to be all gas stations have. I also got pork rinds based on the fat, but after I got them I read it was based on 9 pieces or 5 serving of this not so big bag. I had a few then took a nap the rest of the way home.

It is a little frustrating being so close to moving to Adapt. I was frustrated with my two weeks of .9 lb lost, and these last two weeks have been good. I should be there next week for sure. I have been craving things off plan even more lately, I don't know how people stay on Reboot for a whole year. Mostly I have been eating more on plan items, like 4 fats a day or 6 oz of protein. I know I shouldn't but I caved. I didn't beat myself up. I just moved on. My coaching session isn't until tomorrow night so I still have one more day I can weigh in to see how close I am.

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