Saturday, May 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I'm not going to plan the days but I will plan 7 meals for this week. Summer is setting in, and this is a messed up work week because of the holiday. I also have to start thinking of the graduation party in the next state that I'm going to next week.

Meal 1: hotdogs and fries (grill the hotdogs, and throw the cut up potatoes in the fry daddy)

Meal 2: chicken drumsticks(take off the skin, add chicken seasoning from Aldi's and grill, ) with fried rice

Meal 4: hamburgers and baked beans (I buy frozen pattys and open a can of Bush's honey baked beans)

Meal 5: BLT (wheat bread and turkey bacon)

Meal 6: chicken salad with cucumber (lettuce with chopped carrots, cucumber, and tomatoes, bacon bits and choice of salad dressing, can of chicken drained and broken up)

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