Thursday, May 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Yes, I know it has been awhile. This week I haven't been doing good at not eating out, but the previous weeks I didn't do too bad. I hate my job so much some days I have to eat fast food just so I don't have to eat in the break room. I switched to working nights except for Wed, Thurs (because I have the day off) and every other weekend I have off. I'm going to plan mostly lunches when I have to work and leave it up to the rest of the family to plan what they want for dinner. The lunches will have to be easy because most of the time I only have an hour from start to clean up.

Sunday- Breakfast: eggs and toast

Lunch: chicken nugget and fries

Dinner: chicken & ravioli carbonara (thanks organized junkie for suggesting it last week)

Monday- Breakfast: english muffins and fruit

Lunch: making a side dish for Mommy Meeting picnic

(side note: for over a month I have been attending a class thru the school district for my son who isn't in school yet. It is mostly a group of stay at home, we sing songs with the kids, then the kids play while watched by volunteers and the moms get together to talk with the facilitator. I really enjoy it but I do get depressed that I'm not a stay at home mom too.)

Tuesday- Breakfast: eggs and toast

Lunch: baked potatoes with broccoli and sour cream

Wednesday- Dinner: Pulled pork sandwiches, corn, and green beans

Thursday- Breakfast: eggs and chorizo sausage on tortillas

Lunch: mac and cheese with ham

Dinner: tuna & cheese sandwiches with apples

Friday- Breakfast: cereal and banana

Dinner: chef salad

Saturday- Breakfast: omelet

Lunch: homemade pizza

To find more menus: I'm an Organizing Junkie

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