Monday, July 19, 2010

Adding to the Plate

So I started following  A Slob Comes Clean blog on June 24th. I should really look at adding something else to my daily list. I currently

Make my bed

Fill and/or empty dishwasher as needed with any dirty dish. I try to wash those that can't be put in the dishwasher right away

Clear the table after every meal.

Wipe down counters and clear the clutter in the bathrooms and kitchen

Put stray clothes in hampers or in the laundry room

Put items out of place back in place: toys, books, mail, etc. 

Not that I get all these done every day, but I try more than anyone else in the house.

So I think I will add wiping down of the toilet and toilet area since I have a son.

I am still on vacation from work until Friday, but we have a lot of things to do this week.

Today I made my bed, put some laundry to wash, cleaned up before we went to the store,and cleaned up the  table after lunch. I plan to clean up the table after the kids go to bed since there is a project on the table from 4- H and it needs to be wiped down. I also need to catch up on the dishes that didn't get done since I was gone and my husband was still home. Tomorrow I'm gonna go wild and put all the laundry put away, mow the lawn if it doesn't rain, clean the microwave, mop the floors, clean bathrooms, plan meals, work on my budget, and hopefully find and mark some rummage.  I'll have to keep myself motivated and give myself a personal reward if I get all of these things done. I think I will go get my eyebrows waxed since they really need it.

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