Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Worx GT review

I'm sitting here watching the infomercial for Worx GT cordless electric trimmer. I bought mine in 2006 when I bought my first house so mine is an older model, but the same features.  I don't like dealing with gas and other trimmers seam heavy. I really do like it but I wish it was more powerful. I think it would work really well if you have nice plush grass but the string has some trouble cutting through tough crab grass and weeds. The edger is the best part of it, since it works the best. Sometimes I have to sit there and hit by the fence a couple of dozen times just to try and trim.  I have to charge the battery every time we need to trim, it has never seemed to been able to fully do the yard with one charge. Sometimes you do need to get down and fiddle with the string when it gets down to the end, but new string is easy to order and comes fast in the mail. I would buy if you have a plush, smaller yard and want a electric trimmer/charger.

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